Why QuickBooks and Dataday can benefit your business!

March 12, 2017

Most cloud accounting packages today are presented so that they are user friendly and use plain non-accounting language allowing anyone in business to manage their own finances. This is a good thing as I believe that understanding your finances enables you to run your company more effectively and make the right choices at the right time.

At Dataday, we have added what we think is the most versatile, easy-to-use and above all, competively priced cloud-accounting software to our services. Introducing QuickBooks Online. Since December 2016, Dataday has trialed this version of QuickBooks and below you will find 10 reasons why your business will benefit from using this product too.

1. Setup - By answering a few questions, the program is able to customize and set up your account very quickly. The main dashboard is easy to navigate, giving an overview of your sales, expenses, bank accounts, and profit & loss. Because the images are interactive you can drill down and see more details.

2. Apps - Another positive feature is the versatility in which this product can be accessed, either on a PC, a tablet, and a really great way I have been using recently, is on my mobile. Very useful when you're with a customer and want to give them an invoice straight away.


3. Invoicing - As with most online accounting products, you can produce invoices which are directly posted to the profit and loss account. There are several design layouts to choose from, and if you prefer to use your existing invoice layout, QuickBooks support will help you to do this.

4. Bank feeds - This is a brilliant idea! You can link your bank accounts to the QuickBooks module and import data directly into the accounts programme. This is unlike most other cloud packages - yes they call it a “bank feed” but the difference is that they will use a third-party to gather that information, which is not secure.

 5. Helpline - It really is the best one out there to my knowledge! You can call any weekday between 8am and 8pm to speak to a real person who will help you straight away. Other companies I've used are happy to talk via telephone until you have signed up, then they only help you via email.

 6. Matching data - The banking function is able to recognise a receipt or payment and match it to an invoice. You can simply click a button to accept or edit to change details.

 7. Reporting – The reports function is well laid out into sections giving you frequently run reports, management reports, cash flow and also a section that your accountant can use. Speaking of which, you can give your accountant access so they can produce your year end accounts, reducing your time spent printing off masses of reports.

 8. Attachments - Another great feature is the ability to attach a bill or receipt to your transactions, this can be very useful should you need to find an invoice very quickly. Not all cloud accounting programmes allow you to do this

 9. Data transfer - Before using QuickBooks Online, I was using another company and so needed my data transferred. This was easy to organise. I simply completed an online form giving access to my old software and the data was transferred within 5 working days. You are asked to check your data to make sure it’s complete and accurate before the final import.

 10. Pricing - There are 3 levels to choose from, Self-employed, Essentials and Plus all are very competitively priced within the market. We have agreed special rates with QuickBooks for the plus version and have a few slots left.

So QuickBooks, it’s extremely easy to use and understand your numbers, but if you feel that your time is better spent running your business then give Debbie at Dataday a call. We can work with you, from getting you started to completing your accounts and filing your returns

If you liked our 10 reasons to use QuickBooks and would like further information please contact Debbie on 07725 900767 or 01502 715562. Alternatively send a message via our Facebook page or contact us via email, datadadayservices@gmail.com


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